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+48 32 76 27 333

Information about A4Go

+48 32 76 27 335 +48 32 76 27 535


The motorway infrastructure within the 61 km section of the a4 from Murckowska junction in Katowice to Balice junction includes the following:

  • 8 motorway junctions: Murckowska, Mysłowice, Brzęczkowice, Jeleń (handling the direction to and from Katowice; the junction is planned to be closed), Byczyna (handling the direction to and from Kraków), Balin, Chrzanów, Rudno,
  • 2 Toll Plazas: in Mysłowice with 20 toll gates and in Balice with 19 toll gates,
  • 4 car parks with toilets (right behind the Toll Plazas),
  • 4 Rest Areas with gas stations, bars, shops, garages for minor repairs,
    • 2 in the direction of Kraków: in Kępnica i Morawica (where also motels are located)
    • 2 in the direction of Katowice: in Aleksandrowice i Zastawie with a motel,
  • 2 motorway maintenance sections in Mysłowice and Rudno,
  • Motorway Management Centre in Mysłowice,
  • motorway connection network (main of the length of 60 km enabling to keep a constant connection with the emergency points, telephone service of the motorway objects, motorway supervision and management),
  • SOS columns every 2 kilometres on both sides of the motorway,
  • 5 meteorological stations ensuring efficiency of the preventive actions in respect of the motorway maintenance in winter,
  • 6 electronic information boards,
  • 15 emergency passages,
  • motorway police station in Balice.