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About SAM S.A. and the motorway A4 Katowice - Kraków

Basic information about the concessionaire - Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska S.A.

The company was registered in 1998 as a special purpose entity, established by the concessionaire of the motorway - Stalexport S.A. holding 100% of the company’s share capital. The established company’s purpose was execution of the tasks (on behalf of the concessionaire) under the Concession Agreement regarding development by adjustment of the A4 motorway within the section from Katowice (Murckowska Junction) - Kraków (Balice Junction) to the requirements of the toll motorway and exploitation of the motorway within the section in question, granted to Stalexport S.A. in 1997.

The object of activity of SAM S.A. is execution of the rights and obligations imposed on the concession upon the Concession Agreement. Therefore, the Company is responsible for:

  • execution of the investment within the concession section of the A4,
  • motorway exploitation,
  • acquisition of long-term financing of the subsequent stages of the executed investments upon project self-financing,
  • use and taking profits from the real property of the Motorway Right-Of-Way.

The project executed by SAM S.A., as opposed to the other motorway concessions, does not encumber the State Treasury with pledges or any other liabilities.

About the A4 motorway, Katowice-Kraków section

Length of the section subject to concession: 61 km, from Murckowska Junction in Katowice to Balice Junction.

Tolls - collected at two Toll Plazas: in Mysłowice and Balice

  • PLN 8 - vehicles category 1: motorbikes (PLN 16 for travel on the whole toll section),
  • PLN 16 - vehicles category 1: passenger cars (PLN 32 for travel on the whole toll section),
  • PLN 29 - vehicles categories 2 and 3 (PLN 58 for travel on the whole toll section),
  • PLN 49 - vehicles categories 4 and 5 (PLN 98 for travel on the whole toll section)

Average traffic level

  • year 2023 - 48.2 thousand vehicles per day
  • year 2022 - 46.8 thousand
  • year 2021 - 42.9 thousand
  • year 2020 - 36.5 thousand
  • year 2019 - 45.6 thousand
  • year 2018 - 45.3 thousand
  • year 2017 - 43 thousand


In the first stage of the project, ie until 2000, the concessionaire invested approximately PLN 193 million. These investments included i.a. construction of a motorway communication system, construction of a maintenance circuit, construction of car parks and toll plazas. Another PLN 575.5 million was invested in 2000-2011. These funds were allocated, among others, to for surface replacement, renovation of selected bridges, construction of emergency crossings, construction of a weather system, construction of a second maintenance circuit, construction of noise screens. In the years 2012 - 2016 PLN 188.7 million was allocated for repairs of bridge structures, modernization of the motorway drainage system, construction of noise screens, extension of Toll Plazas in Mysłowice and Balice, replacement of toll collection devices, reconstruction of several motorway junctions. In the years 2017 - 2022, capital expenditures amounted to over PLN 264 million and included among others completion of the expansion of the Rudno junction, completion of the replacement of toll collection devices along with the launch of the A4Go electronic toll collection, construction of noise screens, modernization of drainage system, renovation of motorway culverts, development of automatic payment methods.