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Advice for drivers

 Porady dla kierowców

Commandments of safe motorway use for drivers and motorcyclists.

Driver, please remember!

  • Often look in the mirrors. Rapidly accelerating motorcycles are only visible in the mirror at the last moment. In this way you will avoid sudden reactions.
  • The reaction of a motorbike on the road is different than that of a car. If you are following a motorcycle, keep safe distance, particularly in bad weather.
  • If you notice an obstacle on the road and you are obscuring the view of a motorcyclist following you, give them time and chance to react properly.
  • A motorcycle fits fully into the so-called dead spot. Before you change lane, look in the mirrors at least two times and make sure the manoeuvre will be safe.
  • If you are stuck in a traffic jam, leave space between lanes so that bikers can safely go past you. Traffic regulations let them do it.

Biker, please remember!

  • The motorway is not a racing track. Remember about other road users and watch their behaviour closely.
  • When overtaking, consider gusts of wind and turbulent flow around vehicles. Keep a safe distance.
  • Try not to surprise drivers. Indicate all manoeuvres well in advance. Give the car driver a chance to notice you and it will be also easier for you to predict their actions.
  • Most bikers are also car drivers. When you are riding a motorcycle, remember about the habits of these drivers who are still getting accustomed to the presence of motorcycles.
  • You are not protected by a car body. Even the best protective clothing may not save your life.