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Works on the A4 motorway - section Katowice-Krakow - update

16 04 2024 #New

We kindly inform you that traffic difficulties on the A4 Katowice-Krakow motorway are caused by modernization and repair works of the motorway infrastructure. The main objective of these works is to ensure an appropriate level of safety for drivers using the motorway.

Proper maintenance of the infrastructure of the A4 Katowice-Krakow motorway, e.g. carriageways and engineering structures (including bridges) results not only from the applicable regulations, but also from the provisions of the Concession Agreement, which obliges the concessionaire to hand over the motorway to the public party in 2027 in perfect technical condition, i.e. one that will not it required renovation and modernization over the following years.


1. Between the Murckowska junction in Katowice and Brzeczkowice junction in Myslowice, on the section of approx. 7 km (from km 341 to km 348) with two narrowed lanes in both directions.

At present the carriageway towards Krakow is repaired:

  • on the carriageway towards Krakow one lane is renovated, the other is passable,
  • on the carriageway towards Katowice there are two traffic lanes towards Katowice and one lane towards Krakow,

Speed ​​limit: 80 km/h.

ATTENTION! On the renovated section, for the Katowice-Kraków direction, the exit to Mysłowice is only possible from the right lane. 

Afterwards the carriageway towards Katowice will be renovated on the same section. Both carriageways of the above section will be renovated by the end of November 2024.

2. In the area of ​​the Rudno junction, from km 380.3 to km 384.3, carriageway renovation towards Krakow 

Temporary traffic organization:    

  • on the road to Krakow, one lane is renovated and the other lane is passable,   
  • on the road to Katowice, two lanes are open towards Katowice and one lane towards Krakow. 

At night on 21/ 22 April only one lane towards Krakow.

Work on this section will last until the end of July 2024.

Replacing the motorway's surface will increase its durability and load-bearing capacity and improve its anti-skid properties, thereby improving motorist safety. Surface drainage will also be improved.


  • on 18 April 18 at 10.00 p.m. on the carriageway towards Katowice, work wil begin on lane no. 12 on the approach and exit from the toll plaza. These works are scheduled to be completed on 26 April,
  • on 19 April at 10 p.m. on the carriageway towards Krakow, planned completion of the renovation of parts of lanes 1 to 6 on the approach and lanes 1-7 on the exit from the toll plaza.

No works are planned in the toll plaza area from 26 April to 6 May.

Planned completion of works: September 2024.


Closure of the bridge in Chrzanow between the Balin junction and the Chrzanow junction (km 370);

  • the carriageway to Krakow is closed on a section of approx. 400 m,
  • on the carriageway to Katowice, on a section of approx. 400 m, there are 2 narrowed traffic lanes towards Katowice and 2 narrowed traffic lanes towards Krakow.

End of the above-mentioned renovation is scheduled for December 2024.

We are very sorry for traffic inconveniences. Please drive carefully.