Emergency number

+48 32 76 27 333

Information about A4Go

+48 32 76 27 335 +48 32 76 27 535

System registering transactions A4Go

Transactions registration system for A4Go OBU


  1. The system is administered by Stalexport Autostrada Malopolska S.A. and used for keeping records of customers of A4Go OBU (on board unit), accounts, credits, transactions and passages through toll plazas as customers are using A4Go OBU.

  2. Information concerning credits is assigned to specific A4Go OBU types, however:
    • one A4Go OBU may feature credits for the chosen two vehicles categories at the maximum.
  3. Using one’s own account, a customer can access information about:
    • the type and number of A4Go OBUs held;
    • past transactions (the register of past transactions is updated on a daily basis, at midnight);
    • past travels on the motorway A4 Katowice-Krakow (the register is updated on a daily basis, at midnight);
    • used and available credits in a breakdown into individual A4Go OBUs as well as vehicle categories;
    • nominal, i.e. non-discounted value of credits accumulated at the customer account, assigned to the given A4Go OBU and established on the basis of the current rates applicable at toll plazas;
    • one’s identification data;
    • validity period of the credit packages purchased;
    • blocking or cancelling (invalidating) a specific A4Go OBU;
    • activating a specific A4Go OBU.

  4. The manner in which customers use credits and how their records are kept will be governed by the following principles:
    • credit packages stored at the customer account are tagged with a purchase date and an expiration date;
    • the first to be used are the credits purchased by the customer at the earliest (the First In First Out rule will apply);
    • on passing a toll plaza, one credit is charged from the customer account.
  5.  Each credit package remains valid for 730 days from the date of the package purchase, and the validity period is counted with one minute accuracy.
  6. Expired credits grant no authorisation to use the motorway and are removed from the account paired with the given A4Go OBU on the day and at the time of expiration.

  7.  A customer is not vested any right to lodge claims against SAM S.A. for having failed to use credits within their validity period.

  8.  In the event that the Account holds not enough credits assigned to the A4Go OBU and the given vehicle category, the customer is obliged to use other methods of payment accepted by Stalexport Autostrada Malopolska S.A.. to cover the amount due for using the motorway according to the applicable rates defined for a specific vehicle category.

  9.  Should the rates for using the motorway change, the nominal value of credits stored at the customer account will be recalculated in accordance with new rates by converting the number of credits available for use before the date of changing the rates.