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Completed investments

The agreement signed with the State Treasury regulates not only the sources of financing of the modernisation investments within the A4 Katowice-Kraków section, but also the work schedule that was and is to be executed.Thus, within the first years since the concession receipt, the concessionaire, as the new road manager, was obliged to finance with its own means and the bridge loan Stage 1 of the works, including in particular the development of:

  • Motorway Maintenance Division,
  • motorway connection network (arterial line of the length of 60 km to keep constant connection with the emergency points, i.e. the SOS columns, telephone service of the motorway facilities, supervision and management of the motorway),
  • four Rest Areas,
  • two Toll Plazas in Mysłowice and Balice.

In 2003, stage 2a of the investment was started. By the end of 2009, the following works were completed at this stage:

  • repair of 61 km of the motorway carriageway,
  • modernisation of 31 bridges ,
  • construction of 15 emergency passages,
  • development of 10 km of noise screens,
  • development of the meteorological station system with the electronic information boards,
  • development of the motorway police station.

In the years 2010 - 2012 the following investments were completed:

  • modernization of 22 bridges
  • construction of 800 m of noise sreens
  • modernization of drainage system in Balice
  • extension of the Toll Plaza in Myslowice

In 2013:

  • extension of the Toll Plaza in Balice
  • construction of 1.6 km of noise screens
  • works on replacement of toll collection devices

In 2014:

  • further works on replacement of toll collection devices
  • modernisation of drainage system in Silesian part of motorway
  • construction of noise screens
  • maintenance works: modernization of road surface (13 km)

In 2015:

  • further works on replacement of toll collection devices
  • commencement of modernisation of Myslowice and Rudno junctions
  • mmodernisation of drainage system
  • construction of noise screens

In 2016:

  • completion of works on replacement of toll collection devices
  • completion of the Myslowice junction reconstruction
  • surface replacement on the total length of 24 km
  • futher works on the Rudno junction reconstruction
  • futher works on sewage system modernisation

In 2017:

  • completion of the Rudno junction reconstruction