Emergency number

+48 32 76 27 333

Information about A4Go

+48 32 76 27 335 +48 32 76 27 535

Object of activity

The object of activity of SAM S.A. is execution of the obligations and rights imposed upon the concession under the Concession Agreement.

Therefore, the Company tasks include the following:

  • execution of the investment within the section of the A4 motorway subject to concession,
  • motorway exploitation,
  • acquisition of the long-term financing of the subsequent stages of the executed investment based on the project self-financing,
  • use and collection of profits in respect of the real property of the Motorway Right-of-Way.

The project executed by SAM S.A., as opposed to other motorway concessions, does not encumber the State Treasury with any pledges or other liabilities.