Emergency number

+48 32 76 27 333

Information about A4Go

+48 32 76 27 335 +48 32 76 27 535

In the event of vehicle failure on the motorway

  1. Stop the vehicle as close to the right edge of the road as possible, and if possible - on the hard shoulder
    (do not stop upon the running surface or the median).
  2. Turn on the emergency lights and place the warning triangle at a distance of 100 m behind the vehicle
    (a distance between the road posts).
  3. Go to the nearest SOS telephone (direction specified by the arrows on the road posts) and call the motorway services.

Before using the SOS telephone read from the nearest road post the kilometre and hectometre of the motorway upon which the immobilised vehicle is located. 

The failure can be also reported to the motorway services by calling  the telephone number: +48 32 76 27 333 directly from a mobile telephone.