Emergency number

+48 32 76 27 333

Information about A4Go

+48 32 76 27 335 +48 32 76 27 535

Passage through the Toll Plazas

  1. Approaching the Toll Plaza (TP), decrease your speed as specified by the road signs.

After reaching the TP it is impossible to leave the motorway without paying.

  1. Take the right lanes (lorries – lane 1 and 2, passenger cars – lane 3-9). The light signal under the roof shows whether
    the lane is open or closed .
  2. Oversize vehicles should be directed exclusively to lane 1 (external right lane).
  3. If the previous car has not left yet, stop at the beginning of the traffic island and prepare the cash or payment/credit card.
  4. In order to make the handling easier, approach the collector’s window as closely as possible; the collector collects the payment, gives the change and receipt. The receipt is at the same time a VAT invoice.
  5. Leave the TP at minimum speed and only if the barrier has been raised and the signalling device shows a green light.
  6. Be extremely careful and do not drive under the barrier, especially if the red light is on.
  7. Do not stop at the Toll Plaza for the purpose e.g. of cleaning headlights, improving the windscreen wiper setting, etc. because
    this can affect badly the traffic smoothness. Such activities must be done at the specified car parks.
  8. If you leave the motorway, please, inform the collectors of any irregularities or threats that you have noticed.
  9. In the event of a vehicle failure at the Toll Plaza, inform the collector about the problem and wait calmly for aid.