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Dog survival game - 2018

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Gra o psie życieIn the beginning there was… a dog. Unwanted, thrown out of the car, or tied to a tree by the road. How to sensitize children and adolescents, and through them, also adults, to its fate? How to shape responsible attitudes towards animals? Announce a competition for the most creative stories created in Minecraft, dealing with the problem of abandoning dogs by the roads, and invite famous Youtubers to cooperate.

The action resulted in nearly 800,000 views of films promoting their campaign, over 200 empathetic Minecraft creations sent to the competition, 58 finalists from all over Poland, including 9 winners.

The final of the campaign was organized in the form of a ceremonial cinema premiere, during which the best films were presented and the winners were awarded. The campaign was additionally promoted by: a dedicated website, media relations activities and activities in social media.

Antoni Cedentka Hubert